HER'S Story

Our mission is simple: we are the go-to and trusted wig curators for women who suffer from significant hair loss.

Our semi-custom, natural-looking wigs are designed to help you regain your confidence and one of the many qualities that makes you YOU — your hair.

My passion for hair began 15 years ago when I saw a need — my curly friends couldn’t get a decent hair cut. I decided to learn everything I could about curly hair and dedicated myself to become the best curly hair stylist possible. Since then, my clientele expanded beyond my friend group.

Through decades of styling hair for celebrities, Broadway stages, red carpet events,  fashion runwaysand everyday women alike, I’ve learned something — hair is the way a woman expresses herself, hair represents her individuality, it’s an outward display of her radiance.

Hair means so much to so many women, and it’s deeper than a superficial, aesthetic desire.

The more I connected with women, the more I saw this to be true and the more I knew that I needed to expand my services beyond curly cuts and styling. There are 30+ million women all over the world who experience hair loss, a condition that can lead to a severe loss of confidence and identity.

Hearing the stories of women with hair loss and knowing that my work could make a difference, I couldn’t ignore that call.

My passion for hair is the same as it’s always been, except now I serve women who want to get back to feeling like themselves. I help those women rediscover their ability to move confidently through the world

... and I couldn’t imagine a better way to use my talents.